The Hinton Nordic Centre is operated by the Hinton Nordic Skiers. As a non-profit, volunteer run, cross country ski club, funding relies primarily on Nordic club memberships, day use passes and a great deal of volunteer effort – so Please Support Your Club!

Day Use

Day Use Pass $10 Per person, per day (age 12+). Age 11 and under ski for free.  Please self register and pay at the Main Lodge, or
Purchase here or E-transfer –

Annual Membership

Please Note $20 Nordiq Canada/Nordiq Alberta fees per person will be automatically added to your Zone4 purchase
Annual memberships are available after the AGM each October
Individual Ski Season Membership $105 One adult or one child (any age)
Purchase here at
Single Family Ski Season Membership $105 One adult plus children under 18.
Purchase here at
Family Ski Season Membership $210 2 adults plus children under 18.
Purchase here at


Jackrabbit/Bunnyrabbit FREE Included with your membership.  Children must be registered.
Biathlon 0.22 $200 Age 13 and up (does not include rifle rental fee).
Purchase here at
Biathlon air rifle $175 9-12 years of age (includes air rifle rental).
Purchase here at
Track Attack $75 8 Weeks/16 Sessions
Purchase here at


Equipment Fees are for the duration of the ski season (not per lesson/session).

Biathlon .22 rifle Rental $100
Biathlon air rifle Rental   N/A Included in program fee (above).
Jackrabbit Equipment Rental $80 Per child for the full season. (refundable deposit)
Jackrabbit Parent Equipment Rental $80 Per parent for the full season. (not refundable)

Memberships and Programs listed above are purchased online at  (Search for Hinton… they come up)  Choose the Membership form.  Payment is by Visa or MasterCard.

Please note, the $20 per person in Nordiq Canada/Nordiq Alberta fee will be automatically added to your cart when you purchase your memership on Zone4.  Nordiq Canada/Nordiq Alberta provides insurance for all of the activities on our trails.

If you have problems with registration you can send us an email to

Zone4 will email a transaction confirmation (receipt) and a second email with your membership to Hinton Nordic Skiers and Nordiq Canada/Nordiq Alberta.  Go to the link at the bottom and you can print off your membership card.  

We hope that everyone who buys a membership will wear their button with pride!