The Hinton Nordic Skiers was incorporated as a not for profit society in 1975.  We have been operating the Hinton Nordic Centre (formerly Athabasca Lookout Nordic Centre) since 1985.  We are an amazing group of volunteers and we are proud of our history!

The following is a list of events that we have hosted:

2023 – Calforex Cup #6 Biathlon Race

2023 – Chili Loppet

2022 –  Calforex Cup #3 and Calforex Cup #7 Biathlon Races

2022 – Chili Loppet

2021 – Calforex Cup Biathlon Race

2020 – Calforex Cup Biathlon and NorAm West Biathlon and Alberta Winter Games qualifier

2020 – Chili Loppet

2019 – Western Canadian Biathlon Championships

2018 – Alberta Biathlon Championships and Calforex Cup #6 Biathlon races

2017 – Western Canadian Biathlon Championships

2015 – Combined North American and Canadian Biathlon Championships

2014 – Alberta Biathlon Championships

2013 – Alberta Biathlon Championships

2012 – Western Canadian Biathlon Championships

2011 – Alberta Biathlon Championships

2010 – Combined Alberta and Western Canadian Biathlon Championships

2009 – Alberta Biathlon Championships

2008 – Calforex Cup #4 Biathlon Competition

2007 – Alberta Cup #5 and Alberta Cup #6 – Cross Country Ski Competition

2006 – Alberta Winter Games: Cross Country and Biathlon Competitions

2006 – Cadet Provincial Biathlon Championships

2005 – Western Canadian Cross Country Ski Championships

2005 – NorAm Cup – Cross Country Ski Competition

Major events in our history include:

2015 – Combined North American and Canadian Biathlon Championships

2005 – NorAm Cup – Cross Country Ski Competition

1994 – World Cup Biathlon Competition

1984 – Canadian Cross Country Ski Championships

Some of our History

The Hinton Nordic Centre (HNC) was originally built in 1985 through the dedication of the Hinton Nordic Skiers (HNS), a non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers.

With racing as its main focus, the government heavily subsidized the construction of the Centre and its operations through grants. The land encompassing the Nordic Centre was designated a special place in 2001 and was incorporated into William A. Switzer Provincial Park.

Although a general decline in financial support from the government has presented new challenges, the Hinton Nordic Skiers have sought out new partnerships and so far have met the challenges very successfully. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Centre and are responsible for everything from trail cleanup in the fall to grooming during the ski season to fundraising during the summer. Through these efforts the groomers are kept running and the lodge kept warm and welcoming.