Ski Trails

This map is posted at major intersections on the course and can also be downloaded below.

Nordic Map 15

Map with GPS position Apps.

Google Map

The following are apps that you can load on your phone to give you a trail map with a GPS position.

Avenza  (Apple or Android, free)  Download Avenza from the App Store or Google Play and then the Hinton Nordic Trails PDF.

MyTrails (Free, Android) or any app displaying OSM (Open Street Map).  Select OpenCyclingMap this will give you contours.  Hinton nordic trails as well as many of the local bike  trails will be displayed.

Snowshoe trail

snowshoe trails ver2 (2)

Snowshoe Trail Etiquette

    • Respect all trail users.
    • At ski trail intersections skiers have the right of way.
    • Do not snowshoe on the ski trails except to cross where the trails intersect
    • Use extra care to not step on the track set.
  • Please stay on the marked trail.  Snowshoe tracks leading off the trail can confuse new users.

Snowshoe trail Notes:

    • Day use fees or annual membership are required for all trail users.
    • Day use fees ($10)
      • can be paid at the self registration in the Main Lodge.  
      • buy your day use pass directly from us at our Registration & Fees page
    • Trails marked “Completed” (in red) on trail map have been cleared and are flagged in Orange.
    • Trails marked “Proposed” are flagged but NO clearing has occurred.
  • Trail map will be updated as additional trail is cleared and completed.

Dogs allowed area

Trails West of the Boogie trail are opened up to dog use. Dogs are allowed access to the trails from the Upper Parking lot to the following trails: K-9, Creekside, Connector and Marathon trails as well as the West end of the Snowy River and Windy Hill trails to access the Marathon trail. The Boogie, Lit Hill (S turn to the stadium) and all the trails and area around the lodge will remain as No Dogs Allowed.

Green trails below are dog friendly.

Nordic Trails Dog Access map

Google Earth trail profile

To view the course elevation profiles in Google Earth, download and open “Hinton Nordic Centre.kmz” (see more links, below). In the “Places” pane on the left scroll to the bottom, the downloaded file will be in “Temporary Places” hit the + (plus) to expand sub-folders. Right Click the trail you wish to view, Select “Show Elevation Profile” and move the cursor onto the graph. Cool Eh?. Trails are colour coded by difficulty, black being the most difficult, blue is intermediate and green being the easiest.

  • Nordic_trails PDF
  • Nordic_trails_dog_access.jpg
  • Nordic_trails_dog_access_small.jpg
  • nordictrailsGPX.gdb