January 13, 2024 is the start date for Jackrabbits and Bunnyrabbits.

To register please go to Zone4 and complete the registration form online for Jackrabbits or Bunnyrabbits Cross Country Ski Lessons.  Registrations are taken on an ongoing basis on Zone4.  Visit the link www.zone4.ca  and type in Hinton if the previous links don’t show up.  When the options show up, follow the Membership and Programs option to purchase the appropriate membership, and pay program and equipment rental fees (now easier for you as it’s all on one form!).

If you have further questions or wish to volunteer as a coach, please contact Jayden Madsen at 780-817-4316 or madsenjayden@gmail.com.


Purchasing skis, boots, and poles is encouraged, and there are many places between Jasper and Edmonton to purchase.

That being said, we have a good stash of rental equipment available for both children AND their parent. This allows families to try skiing without having to front a significant amount of money on the purchase of skis. The rental cost is for the full season and requires a deposit.  See Registration & Fees for rental details.

Depending on numbers we may run out of certain sizes; if we do run out of our normal rental inventory, we will find a way to provide skis for the lesson times, but these skis are not to take home outside of that time. 

Jackrabbits (6-10ish yrs)

Skiing with a certified coach and a few dedicated parents on skis accompanying smaller groups of similarly skilled Jackrabbits, we will develop the skills required for classical cross-country skiing, learn about staying safe outdoors in the winter, and help foster an appreciation for being outside in nature. We are always looking for coaches for this age group, so if you have some prior ski skills with stride, snowplowing and poles you’d like to share with the kids, please contact Jayden.

Bunnyrabbits (walking-5 yrs)

This program, geared towards the youngest crowd, encourages fundamental skills for movement on skis with a certified coach.  A parent on skis accompanying the child is required (and you’ll learn to ski too!). If you, as a parent, need skis, we have those available for rent.

Hinton Jackrabbit Information

Program Start Date: January 13, 2024

Schedule: Jackrabbit and Bunnyrabbit Lessons are on Saturday’s from 11:30am to about 1:30 pm. There will be approximately 8 sessions, weather permitting, during the Jackrabbit/Bunnyrabbit ski season.

Location: Lessons will start at the Hinton Nordic Centre Main Lodge, unless notified of other locations for special events. Plan to leave Hinton 45 minutes before lesson start time, so that you have enough time to get ready before the session starts.

Communications: Emails will go out for any notifications that come up during the season, such as changes to the schedule, upcoming events, or reminders about special activities. You may also receive a phone call or text for any last minute changes.

Cancellation Policy: We want to make being outdoors a pleasant experience for everyone, but with it being winter, it’s often cold. Expect that it’s going to be cold outside, so please dress according to the weather with lots of layers so that you and your child can be comfortable. It is quite common for temperature inversions to occur between Hinton and the Nordic Centre (i.e. warmer there than in Hinton). If at the Nordic Centre, the temperature is colder than -15°C at 10:45am, lessons will be cancelled; it just won’t be fun for the children. We have a webcam with a thermometer accessible from the Hinton Nordic Website to verify conditions before you leave town.  Notice of absence to your coach/coordinator is greatly appreciated, so we don’t worry/wait for you.

Parking Lot: Please back into your parking stall. At the end of Jackrabbits, it is safer to exit with good visibility. It is also preferable positioning in the event that you need a boost or tow. For safety reasons there is absolutely no skiing or sliding allowed in the parking lot.

Clothing: Warm, dry clothing with extra mittens, socks, and a jacket for after skiing should be brought for each skier. A warm toque/hat and mittens with a nylon outer layer are essential, and must be worn at all times. Have extra clothing in a pack or bag for different weather conditions. It is always best to dress in many thin layers of clothing, rather than one heavy layer, with a non-cotton layer closest to skin, if possible.

Food/Drink: Often families will choose to bring lunch to eat in the lodge before or after the lesson. While on the trail, please bring water and a snack, like a granola bar, for the mid-trail break, as we will be a fair distance from the lodge at mid-lesson. 

Wax Kit: For those not on waxless skis: Start with a few different colors and build up as you find a need for more waxes. A starter kit could include Special Violet, Special Green, and Blue Extra, a scraper, and a synthetic cork. By adding special red (for above 0°C) you can cover about 95% of the average conditions. Please have a child’s skis waxed before the Jackrabbit session starts.