Come join us March 9-15, 2015!


The Hinton Nordic Skiers have been successful in their bid to host the 2015 Canadian National Biathlon Championships and the North American Biathlon Championships. This international sporting event will bring over 350 athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators to the Town of Hinton for one week in March. We are very proud to showcase the Town of Hinton and what it has to offer as well as the Hinton Nordic Centre, a world class cross country skiing and biathlon facility.


Athletes, coaches, wax technicians, family members, and Biathlon Canada Officials from all provinces, territories, and the USA will descend upon Hinton for a period of seven days. These athletes will vary in age from 15 to 60 years old, accompanied by their families. In addition, we have over 100 local volunteers each day for five days of the event.

The Hinton Nordic Skiers have 5 local athletes competing in this premiere event! Click here to read about them.

Click here to see How to Hang Out in Hinton!



Please visit the Biathlon Alberta website to register. Follow this link, and select the Race Invitation on the left hand side of the page.

Course Loops (Elevation Profile):






A buffet banquet will be held onThursday March 12th at 17:30 hrs, at the Hinton Center located at 965 Switzer Drive, next to the Hinton Campground. Presentation of awards for the Pursuit Competitions and the Biathlon Canada awards will be held during the evening.

Tickets are $30 per person and are available online with event registration or (cash only)  in Hinton at Vicious Cycle and the Old Grind until March 6th.

Doors open at 5:30pm, Program starts at 6:00pm, and Dinner at 6:30pm. Dinner and cash bar service are provided by Pat’s Catering.

Tickets are limited.  Please come join the celebration!



Spectators are more than welcome to come watch on RACE DAYS!


Wednesday, March 11th– Sprint Competitions    10:00 a.m./ 1:45 p.m.

Thursday, March 12th– Pursuit Competitions      10:00 a.m./ 1:45 p.m.

Saturday, March 14th– Mass Start  10:00 a.m.  Individual   2:00 p.m.

Sunday, March 15th– Relay Teams   10:00 a.m./ 1:15 p.m.


*A concession (cash only) will be available to help you keep up your energy while you cheer on our athletes.


Volunteer Opportunities:

An event of this magnitude cannot take place without the support of hundreds of incredible volunteers; we have over 100 local volunteers each day for five days of the event, but we could always use more!

If you haven’t already, please contact Rhonda about volunteer opportunities.

We need 5-10 strong individuals to help set up festival tents on Friday, March 6th at 10:00 a.m. Please contact Louis if you are available: (780)740-3639


Biathlon Photo Contest:

This is truly an amazing sport with some fantastic photo opportunities. Visit the contest website for more details.



An event like this would not be possible without the generous donations and contributions of time and products. We would like to thank the people and businesses who are helping make this event happen!



Please contact Kim for Sponsorship Opportunities




  • Alert Response & Barrow Safety Services
  • Alberta Sport Connect
  • Town of Hinton
  •  Quality Inn & Suites
  •  Minich Oilfield

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  •  Foothills Dental
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  • Morad Communications Ltd.
  • Griffiths Ford
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  •  Vicious Cycle
  • Hinton Jazz Society
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Race Sponsors:

  • Bev Nagam
  • Alberta Parks
  • Dig That Stitch Embroidery
  • Daniel Duval
  • Intersport
  • 3Folium Fit Personal Training
  • Fast Trax Run & Ski Shop- Edmonton
  • JD&C Services
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  • Jeff Robertson & Carrie-Anne Guthrie
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Conditions Mar. 29

The track near the lodge is a little rough but continue for 300 yards into the trees and most is very good. 

Mar. 27

Conditions Mar. 27   Some fresh snow but need more. Some sections of track are rough. -2 C at 9 a.m. 

Conditions March 26th

The Nordic Centre is being puked on, typical spring conditions. We can’t groom wet snow but if it freezes overnight grooming will happen in the morning. So check the camera in the morning if we can groom it will only … Read More

Conditions Mar 25th

Groomed 9km loop to the cabin. Good skating and passable classic. Surprisingly we still had ice coverage throughout (except for 20ft leaving the stadium) and we got a couple inches of snow.

Conditions, March 15th

Looks like skiing is over for at least the next week given the long term forecast, but it is only mid-March in Hinton so things may change, we will let you know if we can groom again.

Conditions Mar 10

A couple inches of snow making for great ski conditions once again.  Come up and get it while its cold, warm temps forecast for Friday.

March 7, 2021

Will be heading to groom the skate lanes only on the trails mentioned…..that is, after my early morning coffee from my fav. place.  Skate lanes should be good…..for at least awhile today.   Enjoy.

Conditions March 2

A little new snow last night,  all but upper five groomed this morning.

Feb. 28/20

Skate lanes were touched up on the above mentioned trails.   Tracks are still good.  Warmer, sunny weather in the forecast this week. 


We groomed the Cabin loop, Killer5, Boogie and Biathalon trails tonight but I see it is snowing up there now. So if it ends we will groom the rest of the trails, if not we do those again in the … Read More

FEB. 22

Trails listed above were groomed for skating and classic.   Should be excellent skiing through the weekend.   Enjoy! 

Conditions Feb 22nd

It got pretty dirty up there yesterday but a bit of snow arrived on top to make for some better skiing.  We will groom this evening so the trails will set up overnight without being skied on. We will start … Read More

Conditions Feb. 18

No wind up here this evening, check for the trails that were newly groomed.

Conditions Feb 17th

Main loop to the Cabin and Boogie have been groomed, the Killer5 and Marathon only have 1cm of snow on them so some great skiing throughout.

Conditions Feb 12

We are all groomed up conditions are great, all we need is a little warmth. 

Conditions Feb. 9

Tracks were in excellent condition today. A little lonely up there though.

Conditions Feb. 6

With cold temperatures and a little fresh snow the tracks set up quickly in great shape.

Conditions Feb 5th

Seeing the high for Saturday of -23 and continued snow in the forecast, grooming will resume Sunday for those hardy soles wishing to face the elements.

Conditions Feb 2nd

We got a couple cm’s after grooming this morning.  The stadium gets hit by the NE wind so the trail there is blown in but the rest of the trails should be fine.  

Conditions Jan. 17

Trails are clean-no spruce needles!  Although the wind is picking up a bit.

Conditions Dec 16th

We got lots of snow and followed by warm temps, so trails are going to be a little soft, but great skiing.

Conditions Jan 14th

Everthing we groomed yesterday, blew in last night.  Hard to beleive that much more debris could come out of those trees, oh well its OK because now it will be much firmer.  Hope to get the remainder of trails done … Read More

Conditions Jan 10th

Don’t be too concerned about the dust (from Japer Lake) in the stadium area it disappears a short way out the Snowy River.  Although we could use snow but both classical and skating are holding up well, but the forecast … Read More

Conditions Jan. 7/21

Ski trails that were groomed are in excellent condition.  Killer 5 only skate zone was done.   All other trails are probably dirty?   Enjoy!   NO more wind!

Conditions Jan 3rd

4 cms of new snow whitened everything up and make for great conditions.

Condition Jan 22, 2021

We are heading up to groom this morning, if you could hold off on skiing until after 10am to let it set up that would be great. 

Conditions Dec 26th

Wen are heading up to groom this morning, please come up after 11 so it has time to firm up befor it is skied (especially if you skate).  We will have some gread skiing.

Conditions Dec 22

Well we got an early Christmas gift, about 8cms of snow.  Lots groomed up, some great skiing!

Conditions Dec 21.

We shouldn’t get too excited but snow is back in the forecast.  In hope of it’s arrival we are going to go up and renovate all the track later today.

Conditions Dec 18th

After 3 passes on the Cabin K9, Switchback and Giver loops we were able to set a very good track, its hard to beleive considering we’re mountain biking (with studded tires) out of town. 

Conditions Dec 17th

We groomed the skate lane again this morning.  Skating is remaining very good.  The classic track is huring a bit, but even if we don’t get any more snow we will reset the track for the weekend and again we … Read More

Conditions Dec 15th

We groomed the skate lane of the Boogie and Cabin K9 loop this morming.  So the skating is great still and even the classic is holding up surprisingly well but some snow would great so do that snow dance. 

Conditions Dec 12 part 2

We groomed the skate lane and it is snowing lightly there now, that will cover the ice in the track and with the grooming of the skate lane will make for some good skiing.  

Conditions Dec 12th

Evironment Canada is always teasing us with the promise of snow and not delivering.  We will go up and groom the skate lane so we will have some fast conditions.  The classic is best skied with waxless ski or clister. 

Conditions Dec 9th

If you like fast conditions, we got some.  The classic track will be abraisive so you would be best with klister or waxless skies.

Conditions Dec 8th

The Boogie and Switchback are good for track and skating. The cabin loop only has marginal skate conditions yet, we will have a reasonably good classic track and good skating on it tomorrow though. It is very fast (icy) transformed … Read More

Conditions Dec 5th

Haven’t been but it’s got to be icy up there, it needs to freeze overnigh before we can resume grooming. 

Conditions Dec 1st.

Groomed the cabin, k9, Home run loop and Boogie this morning.  Conditions are excellent, hopefully they will last for a while, long term forecast isn’t promising.  As long as the winds stay fairly calm and the temps don’t climb above … Read More

Conditions Nov 30th

Trails are pretty dirty (especially the Marathon) plan to groom tonight or tomorrow morning, weather permitting.  

Conditions Nov 29th

The winds have not been kind to our early morning grooming session.  A lot of needles and debris down on the trails and the dry chinook wind made for slow snow.  Skating and fury skies aren’t too bad but waxed … Read More

Conditions Nov 24th

The wind has started to hit the centre, the cabin loop an Boogie are still good but Marathon and Killer5 are getting needle covered.  Possibly get some snow tonight that will be groomed in the morning

Conditions Nov 21st

We groomed the Snowy, cabin, k9 loops and redid the skate lane on the Killer 5 and Boogie tonight, so lots of most excellent skiing! 

Conditions Nov 19th

Everything will be groomed up tomorrow morning after a couple inches of snow and we will have excellent ski conditions and temps for the weekend.

Conditions Nov 13th

Skating is great, classical is good, the track is getting a little dirty so and given the shallow snowpack and the snow in the forecast it would be best to wait until it snows before trying to reset a track … Read More

Conditions Nov 7th

Lots got groomed today but it all got snowed under at least once and so it will all get groomed again tomorrow so expect great conditions.

Condition Nov 6th

So if you are wondering if it is worth making a trip to Hinton to ski, Snowy R, Cabin ,K9 loop has very good skate and classic conditions. The Killer 5, Boogie and have very good skate conditions. There is … Read More

Conditions Nov 4th

By the end of today the trails will be down to bare ground again so we need a dump of snow to start over.  


We have very good conditions and perhaps more snow tomorrow, grooming will be carried out through the weekend as required so you can expect very good skiing. 

Conditions Oct 21st

Forecast calling for flurries today so we will be grooming tomorrow (Thursday) morning, plan to come out after 11.  Cool temps and more snow to groom in we will have awsome conditions on all trails.  

April 11th

More snow last evening so Gary and I are going up to regroom a bit and probably do Killer 5 so everything will be skiable. Keith

April 10

10 cms of new snow and cool for the next two days.  We will groom in the morning, this is looking like the last grooming so better take it in.  Keep your distance and stay safe. 

March 8th

Gary Watson has been grooming again so some great skiing still up there the AM.  Suppose to be hot tomorrow but more snow and cold for the weekend so I imagine we will have good skiing for the weekend as … Read More

April 7th

And so the season continues.  Gary will have some trails groomed for the morning.

April 2

Gary and Dave got EVERYTHING groomed up yesterday and conditions are great. Its going to warm up to a comfortable ski temp.  We have lots of room to spread out and isolate. 

March 31

A little chilly up there this morning so we will start grooming about 9:30, so if you come up in PM there should be lots groomed. 

March 30

Pretty cold up there and more snow on the way for toningt it looks like so I will just put in a classic track for the diehards and we will do a major grooming when the snow has stopped.  Appears … Read More

March 28

Gary and groomed in yesterdays ice, conditions are perfect.  Keith

March 27th

We are grooming and trails are open for skiing, buildings are closed.  Looks like it will be cold weather with a bit of snow coming, Gary and I will be grooming as need be.  Make sure you keep your 2m … Read More

March 24th

We got 10cms of snow so the skating is a little soft but other it is great skiing.  We will be grooming more tomorrow. 

Mar 20th

Stayed dry in the shade but the sun is getting high so sunny areas get a little more icy.  We will give at least the skate lane a fresh pass in the morning.  

March 18th

Gary Watson has kindly groomed in my absence and conditions are great.  With travelling out of the question we will be grooming as long as the winter conditions hold.  So come on up and self isolate on the trails, just … Read More

March 13th

For anybody wanting to self isolate at the Nordic Centre, Gary and I will be heading up at 10, come on up after lunch and you will have lots of trails to self isolate on.  Keith

Conditions March 10th

The winds haven’t affected the trails too bad as of 4:30pm, it is excellent skiing.  Gary and I plan on grooming Friday, the forecast looks like there should be some great if not quite spring skiing conditions for the weekend.  … Read More

March 9th

I will go up in the morning and give the skate lane on the Snowy, K9, Home Run loop a little touch up, otherwise conditions are awesome.  

March 7th

Thanks to Morris and Daves grooming we have some great skiing, even though we are running a baithalon race but please park at the upper parking lot. 

Biathlon Race Mar 7-8th

If you are coming up to ski this weekend please park at the upper parking.  If you can help out please contact Darla at hnsvolunteers@gmail.com

Mar 4th

Going up to groom Cabin, K9, Snowy River Loop.

Feb 29th

So much for Environment Canadas heavy snowfall warning.  Morris and I are heading up to regroom expect great but fast conditions. Please come up after 11:00 to let it set up before skiing.  Thanks Keith

Feb 27th

Getting a bit icy/dirty up there, more suitable for waxless skis.  With cooler temps and hopefully a bit of snow forecast for Friday/Sat night we will leave the grooming until Saturday/Sun mornings, so plan on having good conditions again for … Read More

Feb 22nd

Morris and Gary went out this afternood (Thank you!!) and groomed the new snow that fell last night so we have great conditions out there once again.

Chili Loppet this Saturday 15th

It is free to members and none members just pay the day use fee.  This is a fun event, in fact if you want a time you better have your own devise.  The prizes are huge, 1st – a bowl … Read More

Febuary 9th

The Snowy, K9, Home Run route  and windy hill is great.  I skated the Marathon and it was full of pine needles, the wind brought all the needles down of the pine beatle killed trees.  So pretty good skating but … Read More

Conditions Feb 3rd

A couple more inches overnight but I got it all groomed except the Killer 5 and conditions are excellent.  I will groom the upper 5 allong with a regroom of the much used K9-Cabin loop later in the week.  Keith

Feb 2

A couple inches of new snow to whiten freshen things up.  With a cool temps the trails should be nice and set up by 10.

Conditions Jan 31st

Conditions will be excellent this weekend dispite the winds of yesterday.  Groomed in all the debris today and will go out and regroom everything tomorrow morining as well.  Don’t make me do all this for nothing come on out and … Read More

Conditions Jan 29th

I groomed the skate lane on the Snowy Cabin K9 Loop so the skating is great but the classic will be a bit icy. furies or aggresive wax would be will be best.

January 26th

Redid the skate lane early this morning, what was a little chunky yesterday is silky smooth today and should remain for a while given the stable forecast.

January 24

Conditions are excellent thoughout.  I expected things to have gotten icy yesterday but not so.  Dave Edwards and I regroomed the blue trails this morning plus the Killer5 and tomorrow if things don’t get icy today I will groom the … Read More

Jan 22nd

I regroomed the skate lane and some track on the main blue trails yesterday, Sunday’s warm temps and wind made the sun prone areas a little icy but generally the track it pretty good and skating is great.  Tomorrow is … Read More

Jan 18th

For anyone tough enough to ski at -20 the classical is great, the skating will be soft and very slow, I will give the skate lane another pass in the morning. 

Jan 15th

I feel like a groundhog, I look out of my hole but it is still cold out and will continue to be so for a while yet.  But we are seeing light and warmth at the end of the tunnel … Read More

Jan 8th

Yet another 10cms last night but there is lots groomed should you be brave enough to face the elements.  

Jan 4th

Gary and I groomed a bunch this moring twice because it snowed again to have it all blow in after lunch.  Morris was unlucky enough to be up skiing today and got roped into doing all again tomorrow morning.  At … Read More

December 30

Big thanks to Dave and Mike for the grooming.  All the main trails have been groomed again.  Everything is Great to Go.  The Marathon and Killer 5 are ok, but haven’t been groomed since just before Christmas.

December 27

Conditions are great, we groomed and set a new track on the Snowy/K9/Home Run also the Boogie/Lit Hill and Easy Rider too.  Definitely worth the trip, or the drop by, to the HNC even if you’re just learning or eager … Read More

Dec 23rd

Everything is groomed up and in excellent conditions.  Dogs are allowed everywhere except the trails by the lower lodge, so spread the love and perhaps keep the K9 & Connector from being so trashed and try the Marathon and Killer … Read More

Dec 22nd

Perfect another inch of snow!  Morris and I are heading up to groom, please come up after 11 AM as to let the snow time to set up before being skied on.  Keith

Dec 19th

There was quite a bit of debris on the trails but it groomed in well and now we have excellent conditions and the remainder of the trails will be groomed in the morning.  Great trails and great temps on the … Read More

Dec 17

The wind has not been kind to the our trails the last couple days, they are covered in debris.  We have lots of clean snow underneath and as soon as it looks like the worst of the wind is over … Read More

Dec 11

Evrything is groomed and in great condition.

Dec 9

The K9 and Snowy, Cabin, Home Run Loops are groomed but I will waite until Wednesday to do the Marathon.  We have received a lot of snow and I want to let mother nature settle it for a while to … Read More

Dec 7

Dave Pors, Gary Watson and myself are heading up to groom, come up after 11 but don’t wait too long it will snow in.  Keith

Dec 6

We are all groomed up and conditions are great but there is a heavy snowfall warning out for tonight and tomorrow, we will are planning to groom in the morning so there will be something to ski but it will … Read More

Dec 4th Dustbowl to Pow.

About 12cms of snow takes us from dust bowl to pow.  We are going up to groom at 10:00, please don’t come to ski until after 1:00 to give it some tike to firm up, classic isn’t so bad but … Read More

Conditions Dec 2nd

The dust from Jasper and Brule lakes is landing on the nordic centre, most of the damage is in the stadium and fades as you venture out on the trails and the out on the Marathon there is likely none … Read More

Nov 28th

Everything is groomed and in great shape.  Sun, good temps on the way, awesome for the weekend!

Conditions Nov 27th

We got another 10cms of snow yesterday.  Set a classic track arount the Snowy, Cabin K9 last night and the lower loops have a skate lane put in.  Hope to do some more today.  

Nov 2th

I will heading up to groom tomorrow morning, skating will be excellent again but the classical track is getting a little icy but some more talented than me have be waxing successfully for it. Keith

Nov 21st

Redid the skate lanes so skating is excellent, track may be a bit icy but holding up well.

Nov 20th

It is icy fast up there, so if you like speed it is great especially for skating but if you are more recreationaly minded you will find it intimidating.  

Nov 18th

Dave and I renovatated all the ice on the main trails, hoping that the promised skiff of snow in the forecast tonight would make great conditions to set track in tomorrow.  So skating is awesome, and a track will be … Read More

Nov 17th

When this nasty chinook blows through, grooming will recommence.  We can’t groom wet snow.

November 16th

The K-9 and Cabin loop is freshly groomed for skating and is in good condition. There is a track for classical but icy conditions.

Nov 15th

If it freezes tonight I will groom up some skate lane which will make for excellent skatinging until things warm up, but it has freeze

Nov 10

Dave and I are heading up to groom at 9:00 so please come up after 11:00 to give it time to set up.  Yeah, as if you were going to go up any earlier at -20, burrrr!  Keith 

Fresh Snow! Nov 9, 2019

We just groomed Snowy River up to the Lookout Cabin, Connector, K9, and Home Run back to the main lodge.  Also Switchback and Boogie.  Have Fun!

Nov 9

Heading up to groom, come on up after 11:oo and there will be lots groomed.

Nov 7th

Road is open and there is lots groomed.  Classical will be awsome but the skating will be a little soft.  

Nov 6th

If you look at the webcam all looks awsome but we walked in and groomed the Snowy R loop out to the cabin.  Road should open tomorrow, stay posted

Nov 5th

The road has not been bloughed and they won’t be able to get to it until Thursday, so lots of snow but we can’t get there.  

Nov 3rd. And so it begins

Wax the skis!  The rain in town has been landing as snow up at the Nordic Centre and if the forecast holds true we should be getting enough for track setting to begin tomorrow. 

Conditions March 15

A skiff of snow and all trails are in excellent condition today. I will probably go up and scratch up the skate lane tomorrow morning as well.

Conditions March 13th

I groomed the skate lane on the Snowy Cabin/K9 loop, so the skating is great and fast. The classic track is getting a little dirty but still pretty good, given the forecast and its mid week I didn’t reset the … Read More

Monday March 4, 2019

It is chilly up here, but the conditions are awesome! We just groomed some trails now, but everything has been groomed in the last week, so conditions on the marathon, windy hill, and creekside, and killer 5 are still good. … Read More

Conditions Feb 17, 2019

Everything got groomed on Sunday. Temps look good for the week. Enjoy the trails, and lets hope its not too windy up there.

Conditions Feb 12

Everything is groomed and ready to go for classic and skate skiing. Marathon trail will be groomed tommorrow, Feb 13. If you can brave the cold, the skiing is great!

Conditions Feb 10

Its cold out there, but we have groomed for skating and set a classic track.  Skiing should be great if you can come out and brave the cold. Special thanks to Steve for braving the wind chill today.

Conditions Jan 28th

There was just enough fresh snow to put in some new tracks so we have great classic and skate skiing once again.

Conditions Jan 24th

Everything is groomed up, enjoy them when they are cold because Saturday looks down right hot and perhaps fallowed by more snow Sunday (we live in hope) Marathon, Killer 5 and Windy Hill are a little thin but for the … Read More

Trail Conditions – January 22, 2019

Weather is warm and windy. The track was getting washed out, icy and dirty so have tried grooming a new track on Boogie, Snowy River, Easy Rider and K9 trails. Hopefully this will improve classic skiing. Environment Canada is feeling … Read More

Trail Conditions – January 19, 2019

Groomed the skate lane on most trails this morning. More fluff through the night which will help the track conditions. In general, I’d say the classic conditions are fair to good and the skate conditions are good to very good.

Condition Jan 17th

We only got a couple cms, but that has made a big difference. Back up to good conditions for the weekend.

Trail Conditions – January 16, 2019

Groomed the skate lanes for Boogie, Snowy River, Connector, K9, and Homerun trails this afternoon. Also reset the track on Switchback and Lit Hill Trails. Most trails don’t have enough snow to set a new track and consequently the existing … Read More

Conditions Jan 10th

A bit more snow and great skate and classic skiing on the main trails, the Marathon and upper 5 are only set for skating yet.

Conditions Jan 4/19

FINALLY SOME SNOW! we will head up this afternoon after a little more accumulation, looks like some good conditions for the weekend.

Conditions Dec 21/18

We got about 1.5″ of snow, most of the trails were covered with ice so the skating is pretty good but a little sparse on the lower Connector and still not enough snow to set a track.  I hope Santa … Read More

Trail Conditions – December 17, 2018

Skiing not recommended. The wind storm on Friday and the lack of snow has rendered the Nordic Centre unusable for skiing.  We have been busy clearing downed trees with more work to do, but most trails have so much debris … Read More

Ski and Road Conditions – December 15

Ski conditions are poor, with the strong winds and warm temperatures we have had over the past few days.  We have not groomed since December 8.  Access to the K9, upper parking lot and the telemark parking is blocked due … Read More

Ski Conditions – December 8, 2018

Current conditions are best suited to advanced level skate skiing due to the poor snow conditions.  Some sections are quite good, but other sections are thin and possibly icy with dirt and vegetation poking through the snow.  However, for those … Read More

Dec 7/18

We have received a skiff of snow this week so I will go up and groom a skate late Saturday morning, should be reasonably good skating.

Nov 23rd

Well, no new snow this week and I haven’t been up but sounds like we didn’t lose too much snow so I will groom the skate lane early tomorrow morning and it should be reasonably good, doubt there will be enough … Read More

Chili Loppet back again February 2021

We are planning to host the 5th annual Chilli Loppet this year, as part of the Hinton Winter Magic Festival, on the Saturday of the Family Day long weekend.  Saturday Feb 13, 2021. The Chilli Loppet has become a Family … Read More

Nov 16th Conditions

Yahoo we have skiing!  Excellent conditions right now but looks really warm temps next week so get it when it’s (not) hot!

Nov 15th/18. And so it begins. 

As of 8pm looks like a couple inches of snow and snowing heavily.  That on top of a couple inches of residual snow means that we will have enough snow to groom tomorrow, so we will have some ski conditions … Read More

Nov 8, Please send snow

So we have a couple of inches up there and the frost has gone in but we will need a significant snowfall before we can start grooming.  So you can help out with the snow dance.

April 14th, A short spring ski

If it is frozen up there in the morning I plan to groom at least a skate lane.  That should give us a couple hours of good skating at least.  So check the webcam and if I have groomed come … Read More

April 8th, last day I think

I’m going to go up and groom this bit of snow so we will have awesome skiing for what looks to be the last day of skiing at the nordic centre looking at the forecast.  Don’t make me do this for … Read More

Conditions April 6th

Excellent! Cold snow warm sun.  Looking like this will be the last weekend to ski with a forecast of +14 for Tuesday so you might as well get out and enjoy it.

Conditions April 4th

Looks like the snow is done so I will head up and groom.  If the forecast is accurate then we should awesome ski conditions through the weekend.  I know, it should be spring and you have had enough skiing but … Read More

Conditions March 31

Fresh groomed trails this morning – conditions should be great!  Thanks Jeff for volunteering your midnight hours

Conditions Mar 28

Thanks to the volunteer groomers for keeping the trails in such great shape!  Steve was out this morning to groom Snowy River, Connector, K9 and Home Run… see you on the trails!

Conditions March 7

Conditions are looking excellent for the weekend.  Please be advised that we are hosting the Alberta Biathlon Championships on Saturday and Sunday.  A number of trails will be closed to the public during races, these are; Boogie, Kevins, Giver, Switchback, … Read More

Conditions March 3rd

Thanks to the continued help of Dave and Morris we are all groomed up and the conditions are awesome.  Hope you have a great remainder of the ski season, I’m joining the rest of the Canadian snowbirds in Tucson, biking USA.  See … Read More

Conditions March 2nd

Another 13cms of fluffy stuff and still snowing so I will head up early in the AM to groom again so perhaps come after lunch to give it a bit of time to set up.  Keith

Conditions Feb 23rd

We are all groomed up and the crazy winds in the valley haven’t found the Nordic centre yet, hopefully, they will give us a pass again.  Finally, some warm snow with some glide, enjoy it while it lasts.

Conditions Feb 16th

And again more snow.  Groomed up a bunch this afternoon thinking it was over but I see they put snow into tonight’s forecast, oh well we’ll see.    

Wednesday night ski

Wednesday Night Ski. We regularly meet at the main lodge at 6.30 pm and head out for a ski, all you have to bring along next to your skis is a headlamp. The next ski is Valentines day and why … Read More

Ford Key fob

A Ford Key fob was found by the kiosk at the Nordic centre it is now by the self registration book there.

Febuary 9th

Roads now open and lots groomed and its warm and sunny.

Conditions Feb 8th

If you have a higher 4×4 you can enjoy some very good skiing in a winter wonderland.

Conditions Feb 7th

Groomed one pass today if anybody wants to venture out but it will have filled in quite a bit.  I will groom again tomorrow when this slows down.

Conditions Feb 7

We are being dumped on right now.  We will groom some today so there will probably be a classic track but the snow is forecast to continue all day and tonight and roads will be poor.

Conditions Jan 30

All Right!  We got about 7cms of snow so great conditions now and more grooming to be done in the morning.

Conditions January 25th

We got 4cms of new snow, not as much as much of Alberta but we do have great conditions.  A tad chilly but great skiing.

Conditions Jan 23rd

Groomed up the skate lane on the Snowy-K9 loop and it is great and the classical skiing is still very good as well but abrasive.

Jan 19th

Lots groomed and great conditions and looks like good temps though the weekend.

Conditions Jan 17th

It has been a bit warm up there the last couple days and perhaps warm again tomorrow as well.  If it doesn’t look like it will melt tomorrow I will groom tomorrow morning, if not I will groom Friday.  Either way … Read More

Wednesday night ski

Rahel (865-1100) will be breaking trail on the Wednesday night ski.  Meet at the main lodge at 6:30.  Bring a headlight.

Conditions Jan 14

Steve and Louis have taken good care of things in my absence, conditions are great.  I will groom again in the next day or two depending on the forecast.  Keith

Conditions Jan 4

The cabin Snowy, K 9, Home Run and Boogie are all Excellent!  Get temps and snow for the weekend, it doesn’t get much better than this.  The Killer 5 and the Marathon are a little bumpy but still very good … Read More

Conditions Dec 30th

“Baby its Cold out there!”  I plan to go up and groom tomorrow IF the temp is forecast gets above -20 C (because who is going to ski colder than this anyway), if not I’ll go up the New Years … Read More

Conditions Dec 22

Snowy River, Cabin K9 has excellent classic and skate conditions but the Marathon and Cruiser are just OK skating.

Dec 21st Conditions

We got at least 10cms of snow and still snowing.  The Snowy R, Cabin, K9 loops and Boogie were groomed and I will be regrooming them in the morning and attacking the other trails.  We will have excellent conditions for the … Read More

Conditions Dec 20th

We got 4 cms of snow this has made for great skating and with more snow forecast for tomorrow we should have excellent condition for Christmas.

Conditions Dec 18

Things are pretty grim up there now.  We do have a base however so unless we loose more snow this week all we need is a couple inches and we are back in business

Conditions Dec 17th

There is a demand to go ski so I’m going up t scratch up some skating lane, probably will be pretty good but limited amount.

Night Skiing

The lights will be set so they can be turned on Tues, Wed & Thurs nights from 4:45-9pm, just turn on the timers on the wall to the right of the wood box.  The new lights use a fraction of … Read More

Conditions Dec 12th

Well, that was the last grooming today until we get more snow, so get out there and do the snow dance.

Conditions Dec 7th

Groomed the skate lane only of the Snowy River, Cabin K9 and Home Run.  The skating conditions are holding up pretty well but the track is icy and dirty and won’t be able to reset it until we get more snow.  … Read More

Dec 6th

Sorry for not updating conditions, the website has been down.  I will be grooming tomorrow morning and I expect things to be OK for skating but not very good for classic

Conditions Nov 24th, ready for the loppet.

Just got done grooming at 6:30 and things were great when I left, but a bit of wind kicked up.  So the classical skiing will be a bit abrasive I imagine but otherwise good.  Skating looked awesome, it’s going to be fast … Read More

Conditions Nov23rd

We lost a bit of snow yesterday and things were looking iffy but this morning we got a 2-3 cms of heavy wet snow that hasn’t disappeared today and now it’s freezing so if the forecast holds true the loppet will … Read More

Conditions Nov 22nd

Sad to see the snow come out of the trees, but the trails still have good cover yet but we will see what a couple more days of this leaves us.

Conditions Nov 20th

A couple inches of snow made the world of difference, great skiing out there.

Condition Nov 17

Groomed yesterday and got a skiff of snow overnight so very good conditions on the cabin k9 loop.  The frost in the trees is amazing, check it out because Sunday looks like things will change.

Ski Conditions Nov 10th

The Snowy River loop, K9, Windy Hill and Barf Hill are all set for classic and skating and are in very good condition.  Boogie and Switchback are only set for skating but skating will be good.  The Marathon is packed … Read More

Conditions Nov 8th

The Snowy river loop to the cabin is excellent for both skate and classic.  The boogie and Switchback are set for skate only and are good skating.  I will get some more trails set for skate and classic prior to the … Read More

Nov 3rd Conditions

Got another 5 cms last night and we were able to set a pretty good classical track on the Snow River to the cabin k9 loop.  the boogie has a bit of shrubs showing through but ok for skating.

Nov 2, 2017

We have good skating condition, but we would need another 10 cm snow to set a track.  You won’t need your rock skies anywhere but lower elevation trails down by the lodge have a bit more brush showing through.  The … Read More

Lodge floor under repair

You may have noticed a softness in the lodge floor this winter.  Well upon inspection we have a little water damage, if you want to help and join the Campbell fitness program give Keith a call at 640-3635  

Conditions April 15

Groomed to the cabin and back and around the Easy Rider Loop.  Got stuck a couple time and called it an (early) day.  But if you are into a last romp on the snow (what else ya gonna do) both … Read More

Report your cougar sitings

The U of A is doing cougar research and our cougar is the ideal candidate.  They want to collar cougars and it will be better for both this cougar and us if it developed a healthier fear of humans.  If … Read More

March 19th

As promised, a bit of snow and cooler temps, so we have some great conditions for the next couple days at least so you better get out there, spring is around the corner.

Cougar at the cabin

If you look at the door threshold of the cabin you will see what looks like claw marks of a cougar and tracks surround the cabin that travel down the ridge. There is a report on Mar 16th (facebook) of … Read More

Way to Go Hinton!

What an incredible mix of people battling cold, (wasn’t that wind nasty!), snow and dark of night.  HNS members and so many community members at large pulling together to host another great event, what a great community we have!