2017/18 Year in Review 



Parks Lease Completed

  • Really big accomplishment.  
  • Took 3+ yrs
  • Thanks to Terry, Nicole and Tim… Put in lots of work and time to get completed



Chili Loppet (Nov 2017)

  • Very successful club event
  • Good participation from HNS members
  • Not as many from other clubs as the 2016 version


Biathlon Race (March 2018)

  • Western Canadian Championships
  • Went well
  • Big thanks goes out to all the volunteers


Volunteer Dinner @ the Legion (April 2018)

  • Chance for all who volunteered for the club in some capacity through the year to get together to enjoy some food and drink


Points of Interest

Vicious Ski Rentals

  • Program is going strong
  • There were many weekends where this program was sold out
  • This provides revenue for the club


Membership Medallions

  • Wood medallion from Hill Valley Engraving
  • Less Interest than last year
  • Still a number left over that were not picked up


Coaching Training

  • Two members attend coaching training


Volunteer Grooming

  • Keith had a number of planned absences
  • Worked well for the weekends
  • Struggled to keep up through the week (when there was snowfall)


Special Thank You to Retiring Executive

  • Terry Dodge, Jeff Morris and Nicole Galambos are stepping down from the Executive
  • They have volunteerd for several years and will be sorely missed
  • Make sure to say thank you to them for all their hard work!


Your executive