Nov 28th

Everything is groomed and in great shape.  Sun, good temps on the way, awesome for the weekend!

Conditions Nov 27th

We got another 10cms of snow yesterday.  Set a classic track arount the Snowy, Cabin K9 last night and the lower loops have a skate lane put in.  Hope to do some more today.  

Nov 2th

I will heading up to groom tomorrow morning, skating will be excellent again but the classical track is getting a little icy but some more talented than me have be waxing successfully for it. Keith

Nov 20th

It is icy fast up there, so if you like speed it is great especially for skating but if you are more recreationaly minded you will find it intimidating.  

Nov 18th

Dave and I renovatated all the ice on the main trails, hoping that the promised skiff of snow in the forecast tonight would make great conditions to set track in tomorrow.  So skating is awesome, and a track will be … Read More

Nov 17th

When this nasty chinook blows through, grooming will recommence.  We can’t groom wet snow.

November 16th

The K-9 and Cabin loop is freshly groomed for skating and is in good condition. There is a track for classical but icy conditions.

Nov 15th

If it freezes tonight I will groom up some skate lane which will make for excellent skatinging until things warm up, but it has freeze

Nov 10

Dave and I are heading up to groom at 9:00 so please come up after 11:00 to give it time to set up.  Yeah, as if you were going to go up any earlier at -20, burrrr!  Keith 

Fresh Snow! Nov 9, 2019

We just groomed Snowy River up to the Lookout Cabin, Connector, K9, and Home Run back to the main lodge.  Also Switchback and Boogie.  Have Fun!

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