Conditions Jan 28th

There was just enough fresh snow to put in some new tracks so we have great classic and skate skiing once again.

Conditions Jan 24th

Everything is groomed up, enjoy them when they are cold because Saturday looks down right hot and perhaps fallowed by more snow Sunday (we live in hope) Marathon, Killer 5 and Windy Hill are a little thin but for the … Read More

Trail Conditions – January 22, 2019

Weather is warm and windy. The track was getting washed out, icy and dirty so have tried grooming a new track on Boogie, Snowy River, Easy Rider and K9 trails. Hopefully this will improve classic skiing. Environment Canada is feeling … Read More

Trail Conditions – January 19, 2019

Groomed the skate lane on most trails this morning. More fluff through the night which will help the track conditions. In general, I’d say the classic conditions are fair to good and the skate conditions are good to very good.

Condition Jan 17th

We only got a couple cms, but that has made a big difference. Back up to good conditions for the weekend.

Trail Conditions – January 16, 2019

Groomed the skate lanes for Boogie, Snowy River, Connector, K9, and Homerun trails this afternoon. Also reset the track on Switchback and Lit Hill Trails. Most trails don’t have enough snow to set a new track and consequently the existing … Read More

Conditions Jan 10th

A bit more snow and great skate and classic skiing on the main trails, the Marathon and upper 5 are only set for skating yet.

Conditions Jan 4/19

FINALLY SOME SNOW! we will head up this afternoon after a little more accumulation, looks like some good conditions for the weekend.

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