Dec 17

The wind has not been kind to the our trails the last couple days, they are covered in debris.  We have lots of clean snow underneath and as soon as it looks like the worst of the wind is over … Read More

Dec 11

Evrything is groomed and in great condition.

Dec 9

The K9 and Snowy, Cabin, Home Run Loops are groomed but I will waite until Wednesday to do the Marathon.  We have received a lot of snow and I want to let mother nature settle it for a while to … Read More

Dec 7

Dave Pors, Gary Watson and myself are heading up to groom, come up after 11 but don’t wait too long it will snow in.  Keith

Dec 6

We are all groomed up and conditions are great but there is a heavy snowfall warning out for tonight and tomorrow, we will are planning to groom in the morning so there will be something to ski but it will … Read More

Dec 4th Dustbowl to Pow.

About 12cms of snow takes us from dust bowl to pow.  We are going up to groom at 10:00, please don’t come to ski until after 1:00 to give it some tike to firm up, classic isn’t so bad but … Read More

Conditions Dec 2nd

The dust from Jasper and Brule lakes is landing on the nordic centre, most of the damage is in the stadium and fades as you venture out on the trails and the out on the Marathon there is likely none … Read More

Nov 28th

Everything is groomed and in great shape.  Sun, good temps on the way, awesome for the weekend!

Conditions Nov 27th

We got another 10cms of snow yesterday.  Set a classic track arount the Snowy, Cabin K9 last night and the lower loops have a skate lane put in.  Hope to do some more today.  

Nov 2th

I will heading up to groom tomorrow morning, skating will be excellent again but the classical track is getting a little icy but some more talented than me have be waxing successfully for it. Keith

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