Jan 22nd

I regroomed the skate lane and some track on the main blue trails yesterday, Sunday’s warm temps and wind made the sun prone areas a little icy but generally the track it pretty good and skating is great.  Tomorrow is … Read More

Jan 18th

For anyone tough enough to ski at -20 the classical is great, the skating will be soft and very slow, I will give the skate lane another pass in the morning. 

Jan 15th

I feel like a groundhog, I look out of my hole but it is still cold out and will continue to be so for a while yet.  But we are seeing light and warmth at the end of the tunnel … Read More

Jan 8th

Yet another 10cms last night but there is lots groomed should you be brave enough to face the elements.  

Jan 4th

Gary and I groomed a bunch this moring twice because it snowed again to have it all blow in after lunch.  Morris was unlucky enough to be up skiing today and got roped into doing all again tomorrow morning.  At … Read More

December 30

Big thanks to Dave and Mike for the grooming.  All the main trails have been groomed again.  Everything is Great to Go.  The Marathon and Killer 5 are ok, but haven’t been groomed since just before Christmas.

December 27

Conditions are great, we groomed and set a new track on the Snowy/K9/Home Run also the Boogie/Lit Hill and Easy Rider too.  Definitely worth the trip, or the drop by, to the HNC even if you’re just learning or eager … Read More

Dec 23rd

Everything is groomed up and in excellent conditions.  Dogs are allowed everywhere except the trails by the lower lodge, so spread the love and perhaps keep the K9 & Connector from being so trashed and try the Marathon and Killer … Read More

Dec 22nd

Perfect another inch of snow!  Morris and I are heading up to groom, please come up after 11 AM as to let the snow time to set up before being skied on.  Keith

Dec 19th

There was quite a bit of debris on the trails but it groomed in well and now we have excellent conditions and the remainder of the trails will be groomed in the morning.  Great trails and great temps on the … Read More

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