April 11th

More snow last evening so Gary and I are going up to regroom a bit and probably do Killer 5 so everything will be skiable. Keith

April 10

10 cms of new snow and cool for the next two days.  We will groom in the morning, this is looking like the last grooming so better take it in.  Keep your distance and stay safe. 

March 8th

Gary Watson has been grooming again so some great skiing still up there the AM.  Suppose to be hot tomorrow but more snow and cold for the weekend so I imagine we will have good skiing for the weekend as … Read More

April 7th

And so the season continues.  Gary will have some trails groomed for the morning.

April 2

Gary and Dave got EVERYTHING groomed up yesterday and conditions are great. Its going to warm up to a comfortable ski temp.  We have lots of room to spread out and isolate. 

March 31

A little chilly up there this morning so we will start grooming about 9:30, so if you come up in PM there should be lots groomed. 

March 30

Pretty cold up there and more snow on the way for toningt it looks like so I will just put in a classic track for the diehards and we will do a major grooming when the snow has stopped.  Appears … Read More

March 28

Gary and groomed in yesterdays ice, conditions are perfect.  Keith

March 27th

We are grooming and trails are open for skiing, buildings are closed.  Looks like it will be cold weather with a bit of snow coming, Gary and I will be grooming as need be.  Make sure you keep your 2m … Read More

March 24th

We got 10cms of snow so the skating is a little soft but other it is great skiing.  We will be grooming more tomorrow. 

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