Dec 6th

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Sorry for not updating conditions, the website has been down.  I will be grooming tomorrow morning and I expect things to be OK for skating but not very good for classic

Conditions Nov23rd

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We lost a bit of snow yesterday and things were looking iffy but this morning we got a 2-3 cms of heavy wet snow that hasn’t disappeared today and now it’s freezing so if the forecast holds true the loppet will … Read More

Condition Nov 17

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Groomed yesterday and got a skiff of snow overnight so very good conditions on the cabin k9 loop.  The frost in the trees is amazing, check it out because Sunday looks like things will change.

Ski Conditions Nov 10th

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The Snowy River loop, K9, Windy Hill and Barf Hill are all set for classic and skating and are in very good condition.  Boogie and Switchback are only set for skating but skating will be good.  The Marathon is packed … Read More

Conditions Nov 8th

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The Snowy river loop to the cabin is excellent for both skate and classic.  The boogie and Switchback are set for skate only and are good skating.  I will get some more trails set for skate and classic prior to the … Read More

Nov 3rd Conditions

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Got another 5 cms last night and we were able to set a pretty good classical track on the Snow River to the cabin k9 loop.  the boogie has a bit of shrubs showing through but ok for skating.

Nov 2, 2017

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We have good skating condition, but we would need another 10 cm snow to set a track.  You won’t need your rock skies anywhere but lower elevation trails down by the lodge have a bit more brush showing through.  The … Read More

Lodge floor under repair

You may have noticed a softness in the lodge floor this winter.  Well upon inspection we have a little water damage, if you want to help and join the Campbell fitness program give Keith a call at 640-3635  

Conditions April 15

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Groomed to the cabin and back and around the Easy Rider Loop.  Got stuck a couple time and called it an (early) day.  But if you are into a last romp on the snow (what else ya gonna do) both … Read More

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