Dec 7/18

We have received a skiff of snow this week so I will go up and groom a skate late Saturday morning, should be reasonably good skating.

Nov 23rd

Well, no new snow this week and I haven’t been up but sounds like we didn’t lose too much snow so I will groom the skate lane early tomorrow morning and it should be reasonably good, doubt there will be enough … Read More

Chili Loppet is postponed until we get more snow!

Nov 24/18 we plan to hold the 2nd annual Chili Loppet, snow permitting. We have a base but there is ugly warm weather in the forecast but,…. Evn Canada is promising snow for Friday.  Yeah I know, we backcountry types call that a … Read More

Nov 16th Conditions

Yahoo we have skiing!  Excellent conditions right now but looks really warm temps next week so get it when it’s (not) hot!

Nov 15th/18. And so it begins. 

As of 8pm looks like a couple inches of snow and snowing heavily.  That on top of a couple inches of residual snow means that we will have enough snow to groom tomorrow, so we will have some ski conditions … Read More

Nov 8, Please send snow

So we have a couple of inches up there and the frost has gone in but we will need a significant snowfall before we can start grooming.  So you can help out with the snow dance.

April 14th, A short spring ski

If it is frozen up there in the morning I plan to groom at least a skate lane.  That should give us a couple hours of good skating at least.  So check the webcam and if I have groomed come … Read More

April 8th, last day I think

I’m going to go up and groom this bit of snow so we will have awesome skiing for what looks to be the last day of skiing at the nordic centre looking at the forecast.  Don’t make me do this for … Read More

Conditions April 4th

Looks like the snow is done so I will head up and groom.  If the forecast is accurate then we should awesome ski conditions through the weekend.  I know, it should be spring and you have had enough skiing but … Read More

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