Feb 29th

So much for Environment Canadas heavy snowfall warning.  Morris and I are heading up to regroom expect great but fast conditions. Please come up after 11:00 to let it set up before skiing.  Thanks Keith

Feb 27th

Getting a bit icy/dirty up there, more suitable for waxless skis.  With cooler temps and hopefully a bit of snow forecast for Friday/Sat night we will leave the grooming until Saturday/Sun mornings, so plan on having good conditions again for … Read More

Feb 22nd

Morris and Gary went out this afternood (Thank you!!) and groomed the new snow that fell last night so we have great conditions out there once again.

Chili Loppet this Saturday 15th

It is free to members and none members just pay the day use fee.  This is a fun event, in fact if you want a time you better have your own devise.  The prizes are huge, 1st – a bowl … Read More

Febuary 9th

The Snowy, K9, Home Run route  and windy hill is great.  I skated the Marathon and it was full of pine needles, the wind brought all the needles down of the pine beatle killed trees.  So pretty good skating but … Read More

Conditions Feb 3rd

A couple more inches overnight but I got it all groomed except the Killer 5 and conditions are excellent.  I will groom the upper 5 allong with a regroom of the much used K9-Cabin loop later in the week.  Keith

Feb 2

A couple inches of new snow to whiten freshen things up.  With a cool temps the trails should be nice and set up by 10.

Conditions Jan 31st

Conditions will be excellent this weekend dispite the winds of yesterday.  Groomed in all the debris today and will go out and regroom everything tomorrow morining as well.  Don’t make me do all this for nothing come on out and … Read More

Conditions Jan 29th

I groomed the skate lane on the Snowy Cabin K9 Loop so the skating is great but the classic will be a bit icy. furies or aggresive wax would be will be best.

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