Conditions Dec 5th

Haven’t been but it’s got to be icy up there, it needs to freeze overnigh before we can resume grooming. 

Conditions Dec 1st.

Groomed the cabin, k9, Home run loop and Boogie this morning.  Conditions are excellent, hopefully they will last for a while, long term forecast isn’t promising.  As long as the winds stay fairly calm and the temps don’t climb above … Read More

Conditions Nov 30th

Trails are pretty dirty (especially the Marathon) plan to groom tonight or tomorrow morning, weather permitting.  

Conditions Nov 29th

The winds have not been kind to our early morning grooming session.  A lot of needles and debris down on the trails and the dry chinook wind made for slow snow.  Skating and fury skies aren’t too bad but waxed … Read More

Conditions Nov 24th

The wind has started to hit the centre, the cabin loop an Boogie are still good but Marathon and Killer5 are getting needle covered.  Possibly get some snow tonight that will be groomed in the morning

Conditions Nov 21st

We groomed the Snowy, cabin, k9 loops and redid the skate lane on the Killer 5 and Boogie tonight, so lots of most excellent skiing! 

Conditions Nov 19th

Everything will be groomed up tomorrow morning after a couple inches of snow and we will have excellent ski conditions and temps for the weekend.

Conditions Nov 13th

Skating is great, classical is good, the track is getting a little dirty so and given the shallow snowpack and the snow in the forecast it would be best to wait until it snows before trying to reset a track … Read More

Conditions Nov 7th

Lots got groomed today but it all got snowed under at least once and so it will all get groomed again tomorrow so expect great conditions.

Condition Nov 6th

So if you are wondering if it is worth making a trip to Hinton to ski, Snowy R, Cabin ,K9 loop has very good skate and classic conditions. The Killer 5, Boogie and have very good skate conditions. There is … Read More

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