Conditions Dec 26th

Wen are heading up to groom this morning, please come up after 11 so it has time to firm up befor it is skied (especially if you skate).  We will have some gread skiing.

Conditions Dec 22

Well we got an early Christmas gift, about 8cms of snow.  Lots groomed up, some great skiing!

Conditions Dec 21.

We shouldn’t get too excited but snow is back in the forecast.  In hope of it’s arrival we are going to go up and renovate all the track later today.

Conditions Dec 18th

After 3 passes on the Cabin K9, Switchback and Giver loops we were able to set a very good track, its hard to beleive considering we’re mountain biking (with studded tires) out of town. 

Conditions Dec 17th

We groomed the skate lane again this morning.  Skating is remaining very good.  The classic track is huring a bit, but even if we don’t get any more snow we will reset the track for the weekend and again we … Read More

Conditions Dec 15th

We groomed the skate lane of the Boogie and Cabin K9 loop this morming.  So the skating is great still and even the classic is holding up surprisingly well but some snow would great so do that snow dance. 

Conditions Dec 12 part 2

We groomed the skate lane and it is snowing lightly there now, that will cover the ice in the track and with the grooming of the skate lane will make for some good skiing.  

Conditions Dec 12th

Evironment Canada is always teasing us with the promise of snow and not delivering.  We will go up and groom the skate lane so we will have some fast conditions.  The classic is best skied with waxless ski or clister. 

Conditions Dec 9th

If you like fast conditions, we got some.  The classic track will be abraisive so you would be best with klister or waxless skies.

Conditions Dec 8th

The Boogie and Switchback are good for track and skating. The cabin loop only has marginal skate conditions yet, we will have a reasonably good classic track and good skating on it tomorrow though. It is very fast (icy) transformed … Read More

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