Conditions Nov 21st

Conditions are pretty soft but seeing as it is forcast to be warm tomorrow grooming will be done again for Tuesday (Monday night or Tuesday morning)

Conditions Nov 21st

Groomed last night expecting the snow to end.  The classical will be great but imagine the skating will be a little soft.

Conditions Nov 17

We are all groomed up.  Being the first grooming expect the skating to be a little soft.  Boogie and Cabin Loops (Snowy River, Snowy R, K9, Home Run) have been groomed twice now and will be firmer.  Enjoy!

Conditions Nov 16

New groomer and old hands (realy old) so we got lots done today.  Tomorrow we will have excellent skiing throughout.  

Conditions Nov 15th

We are getting dumped on but it might take a day or 2 to have the trails groomed up, we will see what tomorrow brings but for sure we will have great skiing by Thursday.

Conditions Mar. 29

The track near the lodge is a little rough but continue for 300 yards into the trees and most is very good. 

Mar. 27

Conditions Mar. 27   Some fresh snow but need more. Some sections of track are rough. -2 C at 9 a.m. 

Conditions March 26th

The Nordic Centre is being puked on, typical spring conditions. We can’t groom wet snow but if it freezes overnight grooming will happen in the morning. So check the camera in the morning if we can groom it will only … Read More

Conditions Mar 25th

Groomed 9km loop to the cabin. Good skating and passable classic. Surprisingly we still had ice coverage throughout (except for 20ft leaving the stadium) and we got a couple inches of snow.

Conditions, March 15th

Looks like skiing is over for at least the next week given the long term forecast, but it is only mid-March in Hinton so things may change, we will let you know if we can groom again.

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