We groomed the Cabin loop, Killer5, Boogie and Biathalon trails tonight but I see it is snowing up there now. So if it ends we will groom the rest of the trails, if not we do those again in the … Read More

FEB. 22

Trails listed above were groomed for skating and classic.   Should be excellent skiing through the weekend.   Enjoy! 

Conditions Feb 22nd

It got pretty dirty up there yesterday but a bit of snow arrived on top to make for some better skiing.  We will groom this evening so the trails will set up overnight without being skied on. We will start … Read More

Conditions Feb. 18

No wind up here this evening, check for the trails that were newly groomed.

Conditions Feb 17th

Main loop to the Cabin and Boogie have been groomed, the Killer5 and Marathon only have 1cm of snow on them so some great skiing throughout.

Conditions Feb 12

We are all groomed up conditions are great, all we need is a little warmth. 

Conditions Feb. 9

Tracks were in excellent condition today. A little lonely up there though.

Conditions Feb. 6

With cold temperatures and a little fresh snow the tracks set up quickly in great shape.

Conditions Feb 5th

Seeing the high for Saturday of -23 and continued snow in the forecast, grooming will resume Sunday for those hardy soles wishing to face the elements.

Conditions Feb 2nd

We got a couple cm’s after grooming this morning.  The stadium gets hit by the NE wind so the trail there is blown in but the rest of the trails should be fine.  

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