March 26

We have some great ski conditions up here and since it is spring of course more snow is on the way. 

Conditions March 19th

Cabin loop, K9 and Boogie have had the skate lane groomed.  Track is still well formed but icy of course.  

Conditions Mar. 16

This morning the tracks were in excellent condition, they might be too soft later this afternoon however they should still be good tomorrow morning. 

Conditions Mar. 11

Excellent conditions for classic and skate. Warm weather coming so ski while you can. There is a race Saturday and Sunday so the stadium and Boogie will be busy but the rest of the trails are waiting for you.

Conditions Mar.4

All trails groomed for classical and skate. The fresh snow from the last two days gave us excellent conditions for the weekend. 

Conditions Mar. 4

Snowing this morning, all will be groomed this evening. About 7 cm of fresh white stuff on ground. 

Conditions Mar.1

Just about everything groomed evening of Mar.1,great track and skate lanes.

Conditions Feb. 27

Groomed some skate lanes this morning, tracks are still in good shape. Couple degrees colder up there than in Hinton so great skiing.

Conditions Feb 21st

We have flipped from tropical to freezing again but with the addition of a dozen cms of snow, so now we are all groomed up and conditions are great with some nice ski temps forecast right through to the end … Read More

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