Wednesday night ski

Rahel (865-1100) will be breaking trail on the Wednesday night ski.  Meet at the main lodge at 6:30.  Bring a headlight.

Conditions Jan 14

Steve and Louis have taken good care of things in my absence, conditions are great.  I will groom again in the next day or two depending on the forecast.  Keith

Dec 21st Conditions

We got at least 10cms of snow and still snowing.  The Snowy R, Cabin, K9 loops and Boogie were groomed and I will be regrooming them in the morning and attacking the other trails.  We will have excellent conditions for the … Read More

Conditions Dec 20th

We got 4 cms of snow this has made for great skating and with more snow forecast for tomorrow we should have excellent condition for Christmas.

Conditions Dec 18

Things are pretty grim up there now.  We do have a base however so unless we loose more snow this week all we need is a couple inches and we are back in business

Conditions Dec 17th

There is a demand to go ski so I’m going up t scratch up some skating lane, probably will be pretty good but limited amount.

Conditions Nov 24th, ready for the loppet.

Just got done grooming at 6:30 and things were great when I left, but a bit of wind kicked up.  So the classical skiing will be a bit abrasive I imagine but otherwise good.  Skating looked awesome, it’s going to be fast … Read More

Conditions Nov23rd

We lost a bit of snow yesterday and things were looking iffy but this morning we got a 2-3 cms of heavy wet snow that hasn’t disappeared today and now it’s freezing so if the forecast holds true the loppet will … Read More

Conditions Nov 22nd

Sad to see the snow come out of the trees, but the trails still have good cover yet but we will see what a couple more days of this leaves us.

Conditions Nov 20th

A couple inches of snow made the world of difference, great skiing out there.

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