Febuary 9th

Roads now open and lots groomed and its warm and sunny.

Conditions Feb 8th

If you have a higher 4×4 you can enjoy some very good skiing in a winter wonderland.

Conditions Feb 7th

Groomed one pass today if anybody wants to venture out but it will have filled in quite a bit.  I will groom again tomorrow when this slows down.

Conditions Feb 7

We are being dumped on right now.  We will groom some today so there will probably be a classic track but the snow is forecast to continue all day and tonight and roads will be poor.

Conditions Jan 30

All Right!  We got about 7cms of snow so great conditions now and more grooming to be done in the morning.

Conditions January 25th

We got 4cms of new snow, not as much as much of Alberta but we do have great conditions.  A tad chilly but great skiing.

Conditions Jan 23rd

Groomed up the skate lane on the Snowy-K9 loop and it is great and the classical skiing is still very good as well but abrasive.

Jan 19th

Lots groomed and great conditions and looks like good temps though the weekend.

Conditions Jan 17th

It has been a bit warm up there the last couple days and perhaps warm again tomorrow as well.  If it doesn’t look like it will melt tomorrow I will groom tomorrow morning, if not I will groom Friday.  Either way … Read More

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