Dec 7/18

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We have received a skiff of snow this week so I will go up and groom a skate late Saturday morning, should be reasonably good skating.

Nov 23rd

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Well, no new snow this week and I haven’t been up but sounds like we didn’t lose too much snow so I will groom the skate lane early tomorrow morning and it should be reasonably good, doubt there will be enough … Read More

Nov 8, Please send snow

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So we have a couple of inches up there and the frost has gone in but we will need a significant snowfall before we can start grooming.  So you can help out with the snow dance.

Conditions April 6th

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Excellent! Cold snow warm sun.  Looking like this will be the last weekend to ski with a forecast of +14 for Tuesday so you might as well get out and enjoy it.

Conditions April 4th

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Looks like the snow is done so I will head up and groom.  If the forecast is accurate then we should awesome ski conditions through the weekend.  I know, it should be spring and you have had enough skiing but … Read More

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