We are currently developing our masters’ program, or more commonly known as our adults program, and have introduced a “Wednesday Night Ski Night,” which is very similar to the Hinton Mountain Bike Association’s Wednesday Night Ride. This has been successful with many people coming out for an enjoyable evening ski and an apres ski by the fire in the historic log cabin, also known as the main lodge.

This adult program is open to adults of all abilities and whichever ski technique preferred (skate or classic).The group typically stays together but has been known to split up to accommodate those who want to go for a longer or shorter ski. The group meets every Wednesday night in the main lodge at 6 pm.

All are welcome and encouraged to join this ski.

If you are nervous about coming, as you are a new skier, don’t be!  One of the friendly and knowledgeable group leaders would be more than willing to give you pointers as we tour the wonderful trails at the Hinton Nordic Centre. Stay tuned for upcoming technique nights and a few opportunities for adult lessons. For more information, please visit our Facebook page or email Heather Friesen (hgriffit@ualberta.ca)